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By Martin Nott, Nov 29 2020 04:38PM

On 27 November 2020, Bravemansgame won at 10/11 but the double selection Jean Jeani was unplaced but still a small profit to recommended stakes.

By Martin Nott, Nov 29 2020 04:35PM

The win/double selections on 25 November 2020 saw a winning double with Molly Olly Wishes 11/4 and Popmaster 10/11 for a nice profit on the day.

By Martin Nott, Nov 29 2020 04:30PM

From today, I have began advising a win/double each day for members from a new source.

The advise is to have a win on the first selection {2pt} and a double {1pt} and only do a win {2pt} on the second selection should the first one be beaten.

The first selections saw a 2nd and a winner at 11/10 for a small loss on the day of 0.9.