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Below are some of the comments from members over the years.



Thanks for the tip, Great Price   SF 23/9/2016 {after 14/1 winning Best Bet Mithqaal}


Your knowledge of US sports is second to none...very impressed.  EH 6/1/2015


Are you psychic? Amazing tipping on the Worcester card tonight, even better than  the normal excellent results. I only bet on them to win and am showing great returns every month. RR 19/8/2014


Just like to say brilliant tipping, much appreciated  TC 5/7/2014


Legend mate!! Did De Riguere and Thatcherite in each way double {won 12/1 and 8/1} and all 4 selections each way {12/1, 9/1, 8/1 and 6/1}, picked up over £2,500, thanks a lot plus the tennis winner!  SR 5/7/2014


Great tipping and the info has been superb. Well done mate, boss site and your non rip  off approach is spot on  LH 20/6/14


Thanks for the info on Bracelet, put Cannock Chase, Bracelet and Leading Light in a £50 treble! Happy days {All three won 7/4, 10/1 and 10/11 and he won over £3,000}   DH 19/6/14


You're a legend mate, thanks very much SR 6/6/14


I have to admit to being a lazy punter, and rely totally on you for my racing advice and your results speak for themselves. Outstanding  DM 10/4/2014


Great update, had a 50p Canadian up for £1200 well done mate FM 8/3/14


Just wanted to thank you for insider info  - Had all six of them in a doubles and trebles, £50 investment paid £853.86  That’s my Cheltenham sorted before the off! ST 8/3/14


You're amazing. I did all sorts of combinations with these for a total stake of £100 and I've

ended up with £1,694.You're at it again. Fantastic. MB 8/3/14


Just a word of thanks for this very good service, and I agree with you making selections as you see fit rather than trying to find 1 for each day. Results so far are brilliant, long may you continue. Your site selections too going great, I do them each morning before work, and then check results when I get home, this week has been amazing.  A very grateful subscriber  DM 22/2/2014


Martin, you are reaching legendary status. I too backed the three and thanks to you I have now got my Cheltenham bank to go to war with.    MT 17/2/2014


Top notch info again today, Martin, many thanks!  LP 17/2/2014


Thanks. I had 3 £20 doubles and a £20 treble. Paid just over a thousand. Very nice {feedback after e-mail sent giving 3 winners from 3 at 4/1, 5/4 & Evens} MB 17/2/2014


Brilliant Martin showed some good profit especially on football today and Boxing Day. MD 28/12/2013


Lovely results today.  KH 4/12/2013


Thank you for an excellent and enjoyable service.  EH 31/8/2013.  


Thanks for the tips yesterday it was a good day for me all round, not had a day like yesterday in a long time BS 14/7/2013


"That was the best Epsom Derby meeting I have ever had. Great stuff! Thanks a lot." JH 1/6/2013


"Thanks for todays winners, thats my renewal in James Evans Racing Club paid for!" TR 1/6/2013


I am a very casual 'punter' and bet usually only at weekends/quality midweek horse racing but really value your service as one that delivers consistent and profitable information. A diamond of a service amongst a lot of rubble, in my view. TC 15/7/2012


"It is a great service and has some amazing results."  RS 22/5/2012


"Excellent Information Sir !

'Salutes' Mr Crottlys Knowledge !!" RJ 13/3/2012


"Some great winners you picked on the horse (especially impressed by your Cheltenham info) (site and naps picks), got a brilliant run for our money on the football"  "I'm going to sign up for another years great tips too."


"I was a bit sceptical at first, as I'd been badly advised many years ago, but your info is first class" RJ 17/12/2011


"Thanks for tip yesterday a bit more money for Christmas presents much appreciated"

AH 7/12/2011